No, our service is free. Once we are able to source an opportunity our customer is happy with and would like to secure, we complete all paperwork with our client and we are compensated by the builder or developer for doing this.

Most people would be familiar with this payment structure as it is similar to the way their mortgage broker is paid by the bank once the customer has been offered a product they are happy with and decide to go ahead.

Should we not be able to find you an option you are happy with we will not be paid, this is how you can be assured we are always working to get you the best deal.

You will have one point of contact throughout your new home journey. This means that unlike dealing with a volume builder where you will be passed between a number of different contacts, we can guarantee to our customer that we will deliver on everything we promise. This allows us to form a stronger relationship with our customer so we can truly understand their needs and ensure we deliver the best outcome.

Our focus is on the customer journey and ensuring that our customers enjoy the process of building a new home, this is why we are committed to providing every customer with one point of contact who will retain the same from the day you enquire until the day you take handover of your new home.

A Turnkey house and land package is the only form of package that is truly 'move in ready' on the day of handover, as it comes inclusive of everything you would expect from a new home including completed landscaping, fencing, driveway, blinds, heating and cooling, flooring along with all luxury upgrades.

Most customers we speak with who have had an experience visiting a display home were surprised to find that the home they were being sold was nothing like the home they have seen on display, but would also not be ready for them to move into at handover.

This not only saves our customers time spent trying to organise unreliable trades to come and finish their home for them, but also saves our customers money as you won't need to fund this yourself but rather it will be included in your building contract and therefore in your loan.

In our experience your lender will also prefer a complete turnkey package and will provide a more favourable valuation when they know the home you are building will be a complete home.

Our experience in the industry has shown us that when you go directly to a builder and speak to their salespeople they only have one goal which is to sell you one of their homes.

We don't work for a builder and we're not here to sell you their product. Our role is to work with you to identify your requirements and then speak to our wide network of building contacts to find you the best options, not being tied to any one builder or developer means that we have a wider range of options available to ensure we can find you what you are looking for.

We work with the most reliable and reputable builders and developers in the industry to give our customers flexibility and choice of designs and house and land options to suit their requirements.

The builders and developers we work with are all long standing members of the industry bodies, including the HIA, who have proven themselves over time to provide high quality well built homes and developments.

As our client you can have confidence that we will be working with a well enstablished and secure builder, we welcome you to contact us to discuss the different options available for you.