Step 1: Initial Deposit

Once you have decided on your preferred house and land package or selected your preferred builder an initial deposit is payable in order for us to have your contracts prepared. We will advise and assist with the initial payment of your deposits.

Step 2: Contract Signing & Balance of 5% Deposit

Your contract signing appointment will take place at the Turnkey Building Group office within 1-2 weeks of having paid your initial deposit and will be presented to you by your Sales Consultant (allow approx. 1-2 hours).

At this appointment, you will review the HIA Contract and address any outstanding questions.

The Contract will then be signed via DocuSign, your Sales Consultant will be available should you have any questions while signing the DocuSign contract.

Your 5% deposit, less any initial deposit paid, is payable at this stage, and payment is made via bank transfer, these details will be provided to you at your appointment.

Step 3: Contract Plan Review and Variation Appointment

Now that your new home contract has been signed and the balance of deposit has been paid your builder will prepare your contract plans.

Once these are completed your Sales Consultant will go through these plans in detail to help you understand them, this appointment is also a great opportunity to discuss any changes or variations you would like to make.

If you decide you’d like to make any changes your Sales Consultant will inform the builder and they will prepare a post contract variation for you to sign. There is no cost to prepare this post contract variation.

Step 4: Unconditional Finance

Your lender will require a copy of your signed HIA building contract, land contract (section 32) and deposit receipts to submit your finance application. Generally this process happens around 1-2 months before your land is expected to title, however your mortgage broker will advise on this.

You’ll need to supply your builder with formal approval of unconditional finance from your lender before they can commence building your home.

Step 5: Land Registered For Titles and Land Settlement

Once the developer has completed their civil works they will obtain a statement of compliance and lodge for titles. Once your land title is issued your land settlement generally takes place within 10-14 days (this timeframe will be outlined in your land contract). Your land is now settled and ready for your builder to complete their final steps before your site start.

Step 6: Final Working Drawings

Once you have settled on your block the builder will have access to your site and will be able to order the soil test and survey. With this information the builder will amend your contract plans to include detailed information such as the block levels, site cut and fill levels and other required information required for the construction of your home. These plans will also include all variations and changes you have made to date.

Your Sales Consultant will go through your working drawings with you to ensure everything discussed has been included prior to you signing off. Once these plans have been signed off your builder will be able to finalise approvals and the building permit.

Step 7: Permit Process & Approvals

The permit process is the final stage before your home is ready to go to site, during this stage the builder will complete final checks of plans and documentation. This will include steps such as obtaining engineering, energy assessment and developer approval when required. Once all required documentation is finalised your builder will apply for your builder permit through the building surveyor. Now that this step has been completed you will be provided with a copy of the stamped approved plans, building permit and builders insurance policy to provide to your lender.